As with our custom construction, our proven process is applied to our smaller additions, renovations and home improvement projects.


There are plenty of reasons for renovation, among them, most importantly, the enhancement of the living comfort and indoor climate. At the same time, you can reduce your energy consumption and thus save money. It can also be an aesthetic decision, maybe your house needs a facelift and you want to add a new, individual look.
When new living space is needed, the modification and extension of an existing building, such as the conversion of the attic, is a good and often financially sound alternative to moving.

Moisture and Humidity know very well to find their way and seep into the interiors of your place thereby causing significant damage.
It is very important to waterproof your home or building from all possible damage.

No waterproofing can lead to the development of cracks, paint peel off and even moulds, mildew and air contaminants. It is also a great risk for the structure and foundation of the building.

Not only for the building, but it can also create health problems for the inhabitants. They also develop a musty smell which gradually increases making it difficult for the inhabitants.